It all started years ago when my mom would make me a "nice cup of tea" after school.  This was served with milk and honey or sugar with a side of shortbread cookies to dunk. Love filled those cups and moments shared became precious memories.

     As time passed, I became busy and grabbed mugs of black coffee on the run as I took care of my duties as a young mother and working woman.  Coffee was my new comfort when I did not have time to stop for a few minutes to steep tea.  I carried a "go mug" of coffee every day.  I would often have stomach problems, but chalked it up to too much stress.  It got harder to drink my double shot lattes and I wanted something to change.

     I began researching all natural teas, learning about their health benefits and taste testing different varieties.  I noticed drinking tea daily not only helped me keep up my energy, but I have gained a whole sense of well-being.  By allowing myself time to savor tea,  I have given myself permission to stop the hectic day and nurture myself. My stomach problems have disappeared.  

     Recently, I have noticed that too many people seem to be in a hurry.  We do not  have time to stop and say, "Hello" to each other or wish each other well.  We barely look up from our cell phones and "on-the-go" drinks.  No one seems to have time to sip a nice cup of tea and have heartfelt conversations anymore. I want to change that.  

     SippaSanity is a mobile tea service that offers loose leaf teas for your sipping pleasure and will host a tea party at your location for any special event.  Have teapot...will travel!

     This gift is what I want to give and caring in a cup.... a reason to stop for a few moments to warm yourself and find peace in the small pleasure of slowly sipping tea. Just a little sip of sanity.


     Laura Showers

     SippaSanity Tea & Events